Image: The Mostar bridge in Bosnia is blown-up by Croatian soldiers in 1993 cutting off the Croat population on one side of the river, from the Muslim population on the other. During Tito's rule these two groups had lived and worked together as neighbors. Note the date and time stamp in the lower left corner which pin-points this moment in history. (credit: amateur video shot during the event and broadcast over Serbian television).Sound: The sound of Tito's funeral train with an excerpt of music written to accompany television coverage. When he ruled Yugoslavia, Tito traveled the country on his "blue train" tirelessly selling his program of unity and brotherhood to peoples who had lived in mutual suspicion and hatred for centuries. When he died, his coffin was placed aboard this same train which then traveled throughout Yugoslavia so all could mourn him. Although some secretly feared unity could not now be maintained, grieving crowds lined the tracks singing songs and carrying signs which read "Tito we will follow you. From your path we will not stray."

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