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A street in Targovishte
Târgovişte is also a city in Romania.
Targovishte (Bulgarian: Търговище, "marketplace"; Turkish: Eski Cuma, "old market") is a city (population: 46 000; 170 m above sea-level) in Bulgaria, capital of Targovishte Province. It is situated at the southern foot of the low mountain of Preslav on both banks of the Vrana River. It is 339 km north-east of Sofia, 41 km west of Shumen, 25 km north-west of Veliki Preslav, 24 km north-east of Omurtag, 100 km north-east of Veliko Tarnovo, 36 km south of Razgrad, and 35 km south-east of Popovo. It was an ancient market settlement.
In the 18th and 19th centuries it became a famous market for animals and craft products called Eski-Djumaia. Industrial development began after the Second World War. Factories producing car batteries and machines for the food industry were opened; later, furniture and textile industries developed. One of Bulgaria's largest wine production factories is located there. The town is a cultural center. In 2000, ruins of an ancient Roman town called Missionis (Мисионис) were found near Targovishte.

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